Business Segments

The TOKAI Group's businesses range from Energy, Home building and Real estate sales, CATV, Information and Communications services, Aqua (Bottled water delivery), Wedding event services, etc., the business segments are divided into following six categories. "Energy", "Telecommunications", "CATV", "Building Equipment Real Estate", "Aqua", and "Others".

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Main Services

  • LP gas for household / commercial
  • City Gas
  • Industrial gas (LPG, LNG, High-pressure Gas, etc.)
  • Solar Power
  • (Auto) Gas station
  • Security
  • Sales and construction of gas appliances (gas stove, water heaters, etc.)

Information and Communication Segment

Main Services

  • Internet service provider
    (TNC, @T-COM, Web Shizuoka)
  • Software Development
  • Information-processing service
  • Communication for enterprises
  • Data Center
  • Mobile phone

CATV Segment

Main Services

  • CATV broadcasting
  • Internet / telephone by CATV network

Construction, Equipment and Real Estate Segment

Main Services

  • Building (detached house, apartment building, Office building etc.)
  • Renovation
  • Sales and installation of equipment
  • Sales and rental of real estate
  • Sales of office equipment
  • Building / Real Estate Management

Aqua Segment

Main Services

  • Oishii Mizu no Takuhaibin (Tasty Water Delivered to your Door)
    (Shizuoka Prefecture only)
  • Oishii Mizu no Okurimono-Ulunom (The Gift of Delicious Water)
    (throughout Japan)

Others Segment

Main Services

  • Weddings and events
  • Life insurance agency, property insurance agency
  • Nursing Care Services