IR policy (Disclosure Policy)

We will actively engage in dialogue with constructive objectives with shareholders and investors and will explain and disclose quantitative financial information and non-financial information in a timely and appropriate manner. By doing so, we will fulfill our accountability as a company and strive to meet the expectations from stakeholders including shareholders and investors.

1. Disclosure of company information

We will strive to deliver corporate information that is prompt, fair, accurate and easy to understand. And also, we will not inform a specific information to some specific people.

Definition of disclosure information

The information to be delivered is as follows.

Legal disclosure

  1. Disclosure based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
  2. Securities Report, Quarterly Report, Internal Control Report, Extraordinary Report, etc.

  3. Disclosure based on the Companies Act.
  4. Shareholder meeting related documents such as notice of convocation of shareholders meeting, business report, financial statements and consolidated financial statements, etc.

Disclosure required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  1. Timely disclosure of decision facts and occurrences that are required to be disclosed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in a timely manner.
  2. Corporate governance report

Other information disclosure

  1. IR / PR information not applicable to timely disclosure rules
  2. Other IR-related materials that can be useful information provided to shareholders, investors, analysts, etc.
  3. IR information and PR information associated with group company business activities
  4. Voluntary publications such as shareholder newsletters

2.Information disclosure method

In accordance with this rule, information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules will be disclosed on the Timely Disclosure Information Transmission System (TD-net) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and posted on our website promptly.

3.Dialogue with shareholders and investors

We will place importance on constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors, and strive to gain an understanding of our management policies through dialogue. At the same time, we will absorb and reflect management analysis and opinions from the shareholders' and investors' perspectives, and work to achieve sustainable growth for the Group and enhance corporate value over the medium to long term.

In order to prevent the leak of financial information and ensure fairness in information disclosure, in principle, the three weeks prior to the announcement of financial results will be the IR self-restraint period. During this period, we refrain from responding to any comments or questions related to the financial statements. Inquiries regarding information that has already been made public are not limited to this.

In order to ensure the accuracy and fairness of IR information, the following persons disclose information.

  1.  ・Representative Director, President and CEO
  2.  ・Director in charge of IR
  3.  ・Director in charge of accounting
  4.  ・IR Office Manager
  5.  ・IR staff

Depending on the content of the disclosed information, however, other directors or employees may delegate information disclosure.

4.Positioning of our website

Our website aims to earn the understanding and trust of our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. We disclose our business situation, financial condition, and other activities in a timely and appropriate manner, and present the attractiveness of our investments in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, for fair disclosure of information, we post it as soon as possible after disclosing our financial results and other information on our website.
Please note that the posting may be delayed due to various factors.

Please be aware that the earnings forecasts in this website are based on the business conditions as of the date of publication, and may differ from actual earnings due to

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