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Link Conditions

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The Group makes no guarantees, and bears no responsibility whatsoever, regarding the appropriateness or accuracy of the contents of this website.
The content and URL of this website may be changed or their use may be stopped without prior notice.
The Group bears no responsibility for any loss arising from changes in the contents of this website or from the interruption or cessation of its operation.
Regarding external websites to which this website is linked, users of this website are requested to apprise themselves of the usage conditions of such external websites. The Group bears no responsibility whatsoever for information posted on external websites.
This website is for the use of residents of Japan. The Group bears no responsibility of any kind for use of this website from locations outside of Japan.

Discussions of the Future

This website includes discussions of matters, such as future trends and business performance, that are not historical facts. These discussions, therefore, incorporate elements of risk or uncertainty and are not to be taken as guarantees of future performance.
Changes in economic conditions and other factors that are unpredictable may greatly impact actual performance, causing it to differ significantly from forecasts.
Factors that may materially impact actual performance include, but are not limited to, economic conditions, social trends, and relative changes in competitiveness engendered by variations in demand for the products and services offered by the Group.

Legal Matters

Usage of this website shall be governed by Japanese law.
For disputes regarding this website, the Shizuoka District Court shall be the court of exclusive first jurisdiction.


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  • TOKAI Holdings News Updates RSS


  • The content or format of RSS feeds may be changed and RSS feeds may be halted without prior notice.
  • The Group will not respond to technical questions regarding RSS feeds or to questions regarding the functions, usage, or any other matters concerning RSS reader or other software provided by third parties.


  • It might not be correctly read the name of a person, a place, the proper noun, and the abbreviation, etc, because the computer automatically read out.
  • Please note that it may not function correctly depending on your environment.
  • Please note that we can not answer technical questions on this function.
  • Please note that our company cannot assume all the responsibilities when some damage occurs indirectly or directly by using this function.