Personally referable information

We define “personally referable information” as information which relates to a living individual but does not constitute personal information, pseudonymously processed information, or anonymously processed information. However, where we use personally referable information in the same way we use personal information, for example by combining it with other information, we will treat personally referable information as personal information and handle it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Moreover, if it is foreseeable for any recipient to use the personally referable information we provide as personal information, such personally referable information will not be disclosed further to other third parties unless we or the recipient has obtained the customer's consent.

Typical examples of personally referable information include the following.

  1. Website viewing histories and search histories collected through cookies when web browsers are used.
  2. Types of web browsers, operating systems, devices, and networks used.
  3. Identifiers which are obtained when mobile applications are used, or service use histories linked to Ad-IDs.
  4. Data relating to an individual’s exposure to advertisements.
  5. Data relating to an individual’s geolocation and purchase history.