Aqua (bottled water delivery)

Safe water and reliable delivery service—straight to your home

In November 2007, the TOKAI Group started a bottled water delivery service in Shizuoka Prefecture using returnable plastic bottles. In March 2011 we kicked off a disposable bottled water delivery service throughout all of Japan. Today, these two water delivery services are used by a total of 160 thousand customers.
We have carried out returnable plastic-bottle delivery under the "Tasty Water Delivered to your Door” brand name, and it has come to be used by 71 thousand customers. In 2019, it earned first place in a customer satisfaction survey of water dispensers conducted by Oricon CS Ranking and has become extremely popular among its many users in Shizuoka Prefecture.
The disposable bottled water delivery service was revamped under the new brand name "Ulunom" in May 2013. This service is centered in the Kanto region, but since 2015 we have expanded operations to include the Kansai region through the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, where we are working to win new customers from large commercial facilities.
Mount Fuji acts as a large filter that purifies water over long periods of time, providing natural water enriched with minerals such as vanadium. Our products are produced from this water, which we distribute to regions throughout the country.
Our water production network includes the Aqua Yaizu Plant, which was opened in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in April 2008 (with an annual production capacity of 1.85 million bottles; serving approximately 70 thousand customers), and the Aqua Fujisan Plant, our second plant, which was opened in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture in March 2013 (annual production capacity of 3 million bottles; serving approximately 110 thousand customers).
Furthermore, in April 2012 we established an overseas base, TOKAI (Shanghai) Trade & Commerce Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China. Using our safe water delivery system cultivated through domestic operations and leveraging the widespread popularity of Mount Fuji, which is also renowned in China, we are targeting affluent customers in China through sales of bottled water from Mount Fuji under the name “Fujishigen.”

“Oishii Mizu no Takuhaibin” (“Tasty Water Delivered to your Door”) (Shizuoka Prefecture only)

  • “Asagiri no Shizuku” natural spring water from Mt. Fuji
  • “Pure Junsui” pure water from the Southern Alps

“Oishii Mizu no Okurimono-Ulunom” (“The Gift of
Delicious Water”) (throughout Japan)

  • “Fuji-no-Tennensui Sarari” (natural water from Mt. Fuji)
  • “Yawaraka-mizu” soft water that tastes mild