Wedding Ceremonies, Nursing Care, and Ship Repair

Wedding Ceremonies

The finest hospitality that surprises and delights

The TOKAI Group entered the bridal business in 1973. We operate wedding, reception, and restaurant facilities, including Grandair Bouquet Tokai in the Aoi Tower next to JR Shizuoka Station in central Shizuoka Prefecture.
The Grandair name, referring to a magnificent sky, was thus named to reflect the closeness to the sky of Aoi Tower, from where visitors can enjoy sweeping views of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay. In addition to its outstanding location, this facility offers excellent hospitality that surprises and delights.

Grandair Bouquet Tokai

  • Bridal ceremonies and banquets in “Aoi Tower” in front of Shizuoka Station

Nursing Care

Developing safe and trustworthy facilities and services using technologies from information and communications, security, and other fields.

Japanese society is transitioning from an aging society to a super-aged society. The TOKAI Group established TOKAI Life Plus Corporation in January 2011 and entered the nursing care business to respond to the societal shift and contribute to local communities. We have opened a total of seven daytime care, short-stay, and paid nursing home facilities with assisted-living services in Shizuoka City (as of March 31, 2019), each of which is operating well in light of the rising demand for elderly care services. Going forward, we plan to establish new nursing care facilities given society’s needs, expanding the business while contributing to local communities. The "Life Plus" in “TOKAI Life Plus” refers to the added value provided by our distinct services, designed to give our customers security and enrichment in their lives. We aim to provide times filled with joy and a sense of purpose in convenient and comfortable facilities, while also developing secure and trustworthy facilities and services using our technologies in information and communications, security, and other fields. In this way, we hope to contribute toward the realization of a society that respects the dignity of senior citizens while helping them lead enriching lives.

Providing “stable and safe” equipment and services using information and communications technology, security technology, etc.

  • Day service: “Refrea Shimizu Komagoe Day Service” and four other facilities
  • Short stay: “Refrea Hijiri Isshiki”
  • Paid nursing home with assisted-living services: “Refrea Agetsuchi”

Ship Repair

Opening routes across the endless seas through trustworthy shipbuilding technologies.

In Yaizu City, a renowned fishing town boasting of Yaizu Port, which is one of only a few major bases in Japan for deep sea fishing for bonito and tuna, as well as Kogawa Port, a base for coastal fishing, the company carries out a wide range of ship repairs on vessels up to the 500 ton class, including deep-sea bonito and tuna fishing boats, government vessels, international purse seiners, coastal purse seiners, coastal bonito fishing vessels, and coastal vessels.
The new shipbuilding division is also engaged in building small vessels and other boats using our extensive technology and experience built up in the industry.

Ship repair

  • Ship repairs in Yaizu, a fishing town