Housing — Construction, Real Estate, Security, and Insurance

Total services to ensure comfortable living

We launched the household equipment business in 1970 in Shizuoka Prefecture, handling projects from construction of single-family homes and rental housing, through large-scale construction of apartment complexes and office buildings. In December 2011, we began selling Zero Energy Homes ZeroEst, residences with self-sufficient energy supply systems that provides energy for daily life, and in December 2013 we began offering Zero Energy Homes ZeroMiKKE, a similar energy self-sufficient residence geared toward users in their thirties. We released our ZERO-CUBE system in May 2015, a lower-priced system that is more affordable and targets young customers looking to start a family. Additionally, we offer the “Sokei homes” series for multigenerational households. In this way we are responding to various customer needs.
In addition, the Group has a wide range of experience in the sale and installation of household equipment for home builders and construction companies. In 1984, responding to customer demand for more reliable, safer living environments, we entered the home security business based on know-how accumulated early on through emergency security systems used in our LP gas business. Our security services cover a wide range, from monitoring services for senior citizens to surveillance services for factories, stores, and offices.
Also, we have operated life and property insurance agencies since 1973 and currently have 80 thousand insured customers. We strive to be trusted by local communities as a comprehensive insurance provider.

* For accounting purposes, security operations are booked under the Energy segment, and insurance operations are booked under the Other segment.

Custom homes

  • Detached homes

Real estate

  • Detached condominiums, land, apartment condominiums


  • Leasing of shops and offices in “Aoi Tower” in front of Shizuoka Station


  • Life insurance agency, property insurance agency


  • Security in collaboration with ALSOK

Equipment installation

  • Design, installation, and maintenance of air conditioning and sanitation equipment


  • Sales, design, and construction of housing equipment

Office equipment

  • Office equipment (particularly photocopiers), furniture, etc.

Total support for buildings and condominiums

  • Comprehensive management systems for buildings and condominiums