Information and Communications Services — Individual Customers

More secure, more convenient. Bringing our customers ICT as lifestyle infrastructure

The TOKAI Group began to offer internet access services in 1996. We unveiled ADSL internet services using our own network system equipment in 2001, and later added various internet access services and optional services, such as fiber-optic and mobile phone communications services.
As an internet service provider (ISP), we provide internet services to 730 thousand customers through @T COM which has nationwide coverage, and TOKAI Network Club (TNC), covering Shizuoka Prefecture. We boast the leading market share in Shizuoka Prefecture (22.2% according to a July 2018 survey by Cross Marketing Inc.).
Starting in 2015, we began using the wholesale fiber-optic broadband connections offered by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) to provide fiber-optic internet connections via our @T COM and TNC Hikari services. We offer reliable connections to individual households at low prices, combined with our extensive customer support services.

In the mobile communications business started in 2006, we set up 15 SoftBank-commissioned mobile phone shops (mainly in Shizuoka Prefecture) that are used by 210 thousand customers.
In the field of low-cost SIM cards and smartphone services, an area showing rapid growth, we have served as an MVNO* since 2014, selling low-priced SIM cards called “LIBMO”.
In these ways, we serve as a comprehensive communications service provider offering both fixed fiber-optic and mobile internet connections.

* Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO): a provider of wireless connection services for mobile phones and other devices by leasing another company's wireless network infrastructure.


  • Internet connections particularly for Shizuoka Prefecture


  • Internet connections throughout Japan


  • Low-cost SIM service

Mobile phones

  • SoftBank mobile phones