Information and Communications Services — Corporate Customers

Providing comprehensive solutions through combined use of data centers, networks, and system development capabilities

The TOKAI Group offers data center services in the ICT (information and communications technology) business for corporate customers. We offer outsourcing services including colocation, mailing systems, data backup, and cloud platforms (virtual server environment) services, using our data centers that meet high standards. In addition to providing services through multiple centers in Shizuoka and Okayama Prefectures, we are working to expand our business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) service offerings by collaborating with multiple data center operators in Japan. We offer communications services to corporate customers using our fiber-optic network that extends for a total of 10,000 kilometers from the northern Kanto region to Okayama Prefecture. We use this as a foundation to provide high-quality internet connections, communication between bases, and large-scale public cloud connection services.
Our system development service has about 700 engineers, and provides total support from consulting through construction, operation, and maintenance in a variety of industries and fields.
We are also responding to changing customer needs and shifts in the market by weaving together three strengths of the TOKAI Group: data centers, networks, and systems development.
In March 2013 we established a joint venture, Cloud Master Co., Ltd., in Taipei, Taiwan, with SYSCOM Group, a large information services organization also in Taiwan. We plan to expand information and communications services in Japan, Taiwan, China, and other Asian markets.


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