Comprehensive Renovation

Striving to provide valued renovation proposals that resonate with customers

The TOKAI Group has accumulated extensive experience in water-related facility renovation (such as kitchen and bathroom renovations) through its gas business that is rooted in local communities, and a wealth of knowledge as an energy operator, starting with solar power sales. Leveraging our accumulated technologies and our predominant position in the gas business, which has more than 600 thousand long-time customers, we began full operation of the renovation business from April 2012.

As experts in the energy field, the Group offers environmentally friendly renovations, earthquake-proof renovations to keep families safe, and other renovation services to satisfy customers.

Our comprehensive renovation services, offered under the brand name TOKAI WiLL, are based on three promises to our customers—to prove the high quality of our products and services, to evolve customer lifestyles, and to deeply impress our customers—and the professional expertise for which we pride ourselves regarding energy, which is central to daily life. The combination of female planning staff who can propose designs that fully incorporate a woman's perspective and the construction capabilities we have built up enable us to meet customer needs from a user's perspective, down to the tiniest detail.

Comprehensive Renovation

  • TOKAI GAS “Plus Reform”