Tax Policy

Basic Principle

The TOKAI group fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and realizes further improvement of its corporate value by properly paying tax compliance based on the group philosophy TOKAI-WAY and the Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Behavioral Guidelines

  • Compliance
  • We always comply with tax laws and regulations, grasp the revisions in a timely and appropriate manner, and make appropriate tax payments.
    We do not conduct tax deductions based on interpretation or application outside the legislative intent.


  • Tax Corporate Governance
  • Aim to improve employee tax knowledge through training and education.
    Maintain and improve tax compliance by carrying out proper accounting procedures based on internal rules.


  • Relationship with Tax Authorities
  • We will work to establish a trusting relationship with the authorities and make them continuous by providing timely and appropriate tax filing and submission of tax information etc. in response to requests from tax authorities.
    For important tax matters and special transactions, we endeavor to reduce tax risks by making advance inquiries as necessary.
    If problems are identified, appropriate corrective and remedial measures are taken to prevent recurrence.