TOKAI-WAY (Corporate Philosophy)

At the same time as the shift to the Holdings structure in April 2011, the management team and employees together formulated the "TOKAI-WAY" which is the Group's philosophy. It is formed from 4 layers of "Corporate Philosophy" "Mission" "Vision" "Value", all group employees share and practice.

Figure of TOKAI-WAY

Corporate Philosophy

For Customers Livelihood
Along with the region, together with the earth,
we will continue to grow and develop.

As a business company supporting comprehensive living,
we will continue to contribute to the happiness of our customers
while deepening our connections with the local community and the earth,
with the power and possibilities of ours cultivated since our foundation as the driving force.


Change, Challenge and Realize.

Based on our strong belief that we could serve for customers,
we constantly challenge ourselves to foresee the needs of customers' lives and realize the provision of "safe and secure", "convenient and comfortable", "joy and living" .


Through continuous progress from nationwide expansion to the world, we will provide one-stop products and services that customers want.

In a globalizing social environment, we will further strengthen the comprehensive strength of the group and deliver a variety of services that are closely related to daily life and local communities.


Always smile and impression with you.

With communication to connect everyone.

As a familiar partner, we value communication.
Taking advantage of the power of the team, we will create new impression.

Provision of Peace of mind, Safety, Enrichment.

With peace of mind and safety as top priority, we always deliver our gratitude and best service.

Always with professional enthusiasm and pride in our heart.

In order to be a professional to remain chosen forever, we will refine ourself every day and make work fun with a free idea.

Growth that connects to the future with the region.

We will contribute to creating a local environment, a natural environment and revitalizing the community where children and elderly can live with peace of mind.