How to use IR site

Changing font size

On the upper right of the page of this site, there is a [Font size] button. If it is difficult to see small letters, please use this button to enlarge.


To print the screen, please press the [Print] button at the top right of the page. It redisplays in the format for printing.
It is possible to print even by using the print function of browser, but it can not be used by smartphone.

Link icons

New window iconNew window
The linked page opens in a separate window.

The link with this mark is a PDF file. "Adobe Reader" is necessary to view PDF files.
You can download the latest version from the following website.
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Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel
This link will access Microsoft Excel file. In order to view it, you need software such as "Microsoft Excel" or "Microsoft Excel Viewer". If it is not installed please download such software from the following site.
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New information (topics, press releases, etc.) is provided also in the content delivery format (RSS) using XML. In order to aquire RSS, software such as RSS reader and special tool such as RSS compatible browser would be necessary.

Other site policy

Information on policies and recommended environments regarding the use of this entire site is described in the Site policy, please refer to it.