General terms

4K, 8K TV broadcasts Television broadcasting with super high definition image quality exceeding the current high vision broadcasting (2K).
Sice 4K has 3,840 pixels (about 4,000) in the horizontal direction, and 8K has 7,680 pixels (about 8,000), they are called "4K" and "8K" respectively. So 4K is 4 times the current high vision and 8K is 16 times the number of pixels.
The cable TV company of our group also started 4K broadcasting from February 2016.
ARPU Average Revenue Abbreviation for Per User. Means average usage monthly fee per user (contractor).
BCP, DR Abbreviation for Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery.
Comprehensive action plan aimed at maintaining credit from customers and employees hiring by continuing or promptly restore the core business of the company in the event of a disaster or accident.
CATV Abbreviation for Cable Television.
CATV is a service for delivering television programs through coaxial or fiber-optic cables. The cables are used not only for television broadcasting but also for internet connection and data communication such as telephone (fixed telephone) services.
The Group conducts the business through cable TV operators including TOKAI Cable Network Corporation.
CP Abbreviation for Contract Price.
The price of LP gas which Saudi Aramco of Saudi Arabian state oil company decide by total judgment of crude oil price trend and bidding price of Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries.
ISP Abbreviation for Internet Service Provider.
A business operator that provides a connection service to the Internet.
The Group provides services under the name of TNC or @T Com.
LNG Abbreviation for Liquid Natural Gas.
Liquefied by cooling natural gas containing methane as the main component to about -160 ℃.
LPG Abbreviation for Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
Generic term for liquefiable gas such as propane and butane.
MVNO Abbreviation for Mobile Virtual Network Operator.
A business operator that does not own a wireless communication infrastructure for mobile phone but provides mobile services under its own brand name using the network of a licensed mobile operator.
The Group conducts MVNO business under the name of "LIBMO" as low-priced SIM service for individuals.
Cogeneration In English it is also called "Combined Heat and Power".
A system that uses waste heat generated when generating electricity by Natural gas, petroleum, LP gas etc. as fuel as an energy source for air conditioning, hot water supply, and so on.
It can be realized High energy efficiency.
Power retail fully liberalization From April 2016, deregulation to allow small electricity consumers (general households, restaurants, shops) to choose freely the electric power company (electric power retailer) to purchase electricity.
The Group is developing electric power retailing business in cooperation with Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Liberalization of city gas
(Gas liberalization)
From April 2017, deregulation which allows freely choosing retailers of city gas for general households.
For new entrants, electric companies, oil companies, mobile phone carriers, etc. are expected.
Optical collaboration model (service)
Optical collaboration
Sales form that ISP provider borrows optical line from NTT and provides optical internet service to users.
The Group provides Internet connection services under the service names "@T COM Hikari" and "TNC Hikari".

Our group's own terms

TLC Membership Service Point service program for customers using TOKAI group services. Points are given to the monthly service fee and the accumulated points can be exchanged to "TLC tickets" that can be used for payment at eating and drinking establishments and leisure facilities, etc, or exchange with our group products, cash vouchers, gourmet and beauty products etc at famous department stores, Furthermore, it can exchange for WAON point, Suica point, LuLuCa point, and dot money.
TOKAI Smart Plus A service plan that provide double benefit of special discounts and TLC points to customers, when contract the "Electricity" added as a new group's service due to the complete liberalization of power retailing in April 2016, with other our living infrastructure services (Gas, Internet, CATV, Aqua (home delivery water)).
Aqua (business) Delivery service of drinking water which the Group has been started in November 2007.
Developed returnable (returnable plastic bottles, trade name: Tasty Water Delivered to your Door) for Shizuoka prefecture, and disposable (disposable plastic bottles, trade name: Ulunom) for the whole country.
In addition, the Company established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China as overseas expansion, and selling the products as trade name "Fuji Siyuan" which targeting the wealthy people.
One call center The Group's vision to consolidate the inquiries (call centers) of multiple services (gas, telecommunication etc.) provided by the Group into one, aiming to improve customer convenience.
One contract The Group's vision that will improve the convenience of customer who subscribe to multiple services provided by the Group consolidate their contract information, procedures, payment of fees, and inquiries into one contract.