Message from the President & CEO

We will continue to aim for further growth by carefully meeting the needs of our customers, improving our services, and contributing to local communities and society.

Since our founding in 1950, we have offered a wide variety of services that have been central to people’s lives and social infrastructure, including LP gas, city gas, internet access, mobile sims, CATV, Aqua (bottled water delivery), construction, facility & equipment installation, real estate, comprehensive renovations, security, insurance, bridal, nursing care, and more.

The backdrop to offering this wide variety of services is our corporate culture to meet our customers’ every need and to do everything we can to increase the joy and satisfaction of our customers. Today, approximately 3.3 million customers use our services. What drives us as a group is our desire for all our services to be backed by each and every customer and to carefully meet their needs. We will continue to value this mindset, pursue more comfortable lifestyles for our customers and stakeholders in the community, and achieve further growth of our existing businesses while developing new businesses.

Furthermore, we will also lead the way in meeting social demands such as the SDGs, Carbon Neutrality, and DX to embrace a new era in society. In December 2021, we announced our Sustainability Declaration that outlines the six materiality (priority issues) of “Decarbonization and clean energy”, “Building a smart society”, “Creating the foundation of life”, “Harmonious coexistence with local communities and social contribution”, “Highly motivating workplace environment with a high level of job satisfaction”, and “Governance”. We aim to be a corporate group that continues to grow sustainably while contributing to society and the local community.

Our business endeavors are only possible with the support of our many stakeholders such as our customers, shareholders, investors, and local communities. We will continue to give our absolute all to repay your trust and meet the expectations of you all. We, the TOKAI Group, hereby ask for your continued understanding and support.

Katsuo Oguri
President & CEO
July 2023