Investor FAQs

Corporate Information

Q1 When is the founding?

Yaizu Gas Corporation, the predecessor of the group company TOKAI, was founded in 1950 as a city gas company.
TOKAI Holdings was founded in 2011.

Q2 When was the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange / Nagoya Stock Exchange?

Following the establishment of a holding company, it was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 2011.

Q3 What is the stock code?

It is "3167".

Q4 Where is the group company's website?

Please see the group companies list page.

Group Companies

Earnings, Finance Related

Q1 When is the fiscal term (end of business year)?

It is on March 31.

Q2 When is the announcement of financial results?

We publish earnings results on a quarterly basis. Please visit the IR calendar for dates.

IR Calendar

Q3 When is the financial results briefing?

Every year, the second quarter earnings briefing will be held in late November and the full-year briefing will be held in early June.
Please visit the IR calendar for dates.

IR Calendar

Q4 Where can I view past financial results materials?

Please check at the financial summary report of the IR library.

Financial Results

Q5 Do you publish an annual report?

We don't publish an annual report.

Share Information

Q1 Who is the shareholder registry administrator?

It is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

Q2 Please show the contact information on the procedures of the stock.

If you are depositing the stock in a trading account of a financial institution such as a securities company, please contact such financial institution.
Or, if it is recorded in a special account, please contact the Mitsui Sumitomo Trust and Banking Securities Agency Department (toll-free 0120-782-031).

Shareholder Administration

Q3 When is the general meeting of shareholders?

The annual general shareholders' meeting is held in late June each year. Please see the IR calendar.

IR Calendar

Q4 How to exercise the voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders.

You can exercise your voting rights at the General Meeting of Shareholders by any of the following methods.

  1. Fill in the necessary information on the Voting Rights Exercise Form, attend the General Meeting, and submit it.
  2. Fill in the necessary information on the Voting Rights Exercise Form and submit it by mail.
  3. Access the website for exercising voting rights on the Internet, and follow the instructions on the website to enter your approval or rejection.

Q5 When is the stockholder's date of dividend payment confirmed?

It is March 31 every year. If there is interim dividend, it is September 30.


Q1 Please show about environmental initiatives.

Please see the page of CSR activities.

Social Contribution Activities


Q1 Please show about other IR related inquiries.

Please inquire from the following page.

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