Human Resource Management

Health management efforts

Declaration of TOKAI Group Health Management

We regard the employee's health as an important property for our group and society, so TOKAI group supports the health promotion activity of the employee proactively and through this we achieve our corporate philosophy " To improve the lives of our customers, we will continue to grow and develop together with local communities and the earth".

Katsuhiko Tokita
President & CEO & CHO(Chief Health Officer)

TOKAI Group Health Management Charter

In order for us to take a leading role in further advancing the Group's health management activities, we have recently established our "TOKAI Group Health Management Charter" which is formed around the three main points of "health promotion", "safety and hygiene", and "work-style reforms".

  1. We will develop employees who are healthy in mind and body and who can practice the TOKAI-WAY.
  2. In order to plan and carry out the principle of "health management", we will organize individual committees to implement "Group Health Management", "Group Safety and Hygiene", and "Group Work-Style Reforms".
  3. By actively supporting the promotion of employee health, we will strive to create workplace environments where all employees are in good health and can perform their work with high energy and enthusiasm.
  4. While always being aware of the concept that “Safety and health lay the foundation of management”, we will follow laws, ordinances, and internal standards related to safety and hygiene, and will facilitate the creation of safe, secure, and comfortable workplaces.
  5. We will assist in arranging comfortable work conditions for employees, so that they can achieve a work-life balance allowing the fulfillment of work responsibilities to be in harmony with home and community life.
  6. Our employees will be responsible for managing and maintaining their own health.
  7. We will invest in appropriate management resources and conduct effective improvements on an ongoing basis for the execution of health management.

Health Management Promotion System

We have installed a top manager as chief health officer (CHO) and engage in top-down health management. We have established a Group Health Management Council chaired by the CHO and a Health Improvement Committee at each Group subsidiary in order to familiarize the whole Group with our business management-related targets and measures.

Initiatives for Raising Health Awareness

To make more employees strongly aware of their own health, we continually support health building initiatives and provide health information.

Here we introduce our previously implemented initiatives, their results, and our future plans.

  1. Exercise initiatives
  2. Food initiatives
  3. Sleep initiatives
  4. Stop smoking initiatives
  5. Health classes
  6. Mental healthcare promotion
  7. Cancer support
  8. Others

Results of fiscal 2017 health management initiatives

External evaluation by health management initiatives

  • Excellent Health Management Corporation 2018
  • We have been accredited jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi as an excellent Health Management Corporation 2018.(About this.)

    (Accredited on February 20, 2018)

    Press release [Open the PDF file.192KB]

  • DBJ Health Management Rating acquired
  • In the DBJ Health Management Ratings implemented by the Development Bank of Japan, we received a top rating, the first for a company in Shizuoka Prefecture.

    (Acquired on November 30, 2017)

    Press release [Open the PDF file177KB]

Our company received a health rating-based loan from the Development Bank of Japan in November 2017, and the resulting evaluation was "excellent Initiatives for employee health."

  • Awarded the Governor’s Prize for Health Building Activities
  • Tokai Management Service Corporation, a shared service company in the Tokai Group, was awarded the Governor’s Prize for Health Building Activities from Shizuoka Prefecture. This prize is awarded to organizations which are engaging in prefectural citizen health improvement activities, are expected to continuously play an active role in future, and set an example to others.

    (Awarded on February 19, 2018)

    Press release [Open the PDF file63KB]

Creation of an action plan based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

The TOKAI Group has created an action plan based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

The TOKAI Group advocates diversity management and aims to be a company where a variety of people regardless of gender, nationality, age, employment form, etc. can participate.

In particular, to promote participation of women in the workplace, the TOKAI Group is not only developing human resource systems to foster a positive work environment, but also taking initiatives to allow women to demonstrate their abilities in various workplaces.

Through training and seminars targeting female employees and managers on how to further develop skills, and through the ongoing activities of the group-wide “Women’s Advancement Project,” the TOKAI Group intends to promote the newly created action plan and proactively work to bolster participation of women in the workplace.

TOKAI Group action plan based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace [PDF188KB]