Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

The TOKAI Group acknowledges that conserving a sound global environment which should be handed down to future generations is a key issue in management, and endeavors to prevent global warming, create a recycling-based society, and engage with the local community, thereby contributing to the sustainable growth of society.

Action Guidelines

  1. Integrating Environmental Conservation and Social Development
    In order to pass on the global environment in a healthy state to future generations, the Group aims to widely advocate the importance of environmental conservation and perpetually integrate environmental conservation and social development.
  2. Complying to Environmental Laws and Regulations etc.
    The Group complies with both domestic and overseas environment-related laws and regulations, and other matters agreed by each group company.
  3. Reducing Clients' Greenhouse Effect Gas and Environmental Impact
    The Group promotes the increased usage of such clean energy as liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas, and provides environment-friendly products and services including photovoltaic power generation and various energy-saving devices, thereby supporting its customers in reducing greenhouse effect gas and environmental impact within their daily lives and business activities.
  4. Reducing TOKAI Group's Environmental Impact
    The Group aims to reduce environmental impact by promoting conservation of energy and natural resources, reduction of waste, recycling, and green procurement.
  5. Raising Environmental Awareness and Constantly Enhancing Environmental Management Activities
    The Group aim to raise environmental awareness by encouraging its employees to voluntary and proactively take action, and to constantly enhance environmental management by setting and achieving environment-related goals.
  6. Engaging with the Local Community
    The Group will disclose information about its environmental activities to the local community, and will also actively participate in the community's environmental activities as a community-based company supporting customers' daily lives from various aspects.

TOKAI Holdings Corporation
Katsuhiko Tokita President & CEO