Promotion of the Compliance System

The TOKAI Group has established the TOKAI Corporate Conduct Charter in an effort to ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, and rules, and practice of the highest corporate ethics. Furthermore, with the April 2011 Group integration, TOKAI Holdings formed the Group Compliance & Risk Management Committee and compliance managers and staff have been designated at all Group companies to foster compliance awareness among executives and employees.

To help ensure that executives and employees act responsibly, by practicing legal, regulatory, and other forms of compliance in pursuing business activities, the TOKAI Group Compliance Rulebook is provided to all executives and employees, and compliance awareness is enhanced through training activities.

The TOKAI Group believes that measures such as these will result in executives and employees working together to strengthen legal and regulatory compliance systems, and will ultimately further the continuation of the TOKAI Group as a business entity trusted by society.

TOKAI Corporate Conduct Charter

Article 1 Product and Service Safety
Pay strict attention to safety in developing and providing products and services that contribute to social advancement and improvements in daily life.
Article 2 Fair Competition
Engage in appropriate business transactions based on fairness, transparency, and free market competition, and pursue management and business activities that emphasize social trust above all else. Also, maintain sound, healthy relationships with political and governmental organizations and individuals.
Article 3 Communication with Society
Communicate with shareholders and other investors, customers, suppliers, local communities, and other TOKAI Holdings stakeholders, and practice timely and fair information disclosure.
Article 4 Environmental Conservation
Recognize that addressing environmental problems is essential for the pursuit of business activities and the ongoing existence of companies, and exercise initiative in resolving problems.
Article 5 Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Strictly comply with all laws, regulations, and rules, always abide by social norms, and engage in business activities characterized by good faith and fairness.
Article 6 Maintenance of a Productive Work Environment
Create work environments that allow employees to thrive and are safe and productive, while also respecting employee individuality.
Article 7 Measures to Address Antisocial Forces
Resolutely oppose antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the peace and security of civil society.

Internal Notification System

We have established an internal notification system to encourage employees (employees, apprentices, temporary employees), retirees and dispatched employees (hereinafter referred to as "employees") of TOKAI Group companies to report and consult on violations of laws and regulations by organizations or individuals at an early stage.
This system aims to create an open and compliance-oriented corporate culture.

In accordance with the instructions of the Chairman of the Group Compliance and Risk Management Committee, a department that deems appropriate shall promptly investigate the facts relating to a whistleblowing tip, and in such a case, the person in charge of the investigation shall not be involved in the handling of a whistle-blowing tip relating to himself or herself.
In the event that any violation of laws or regulations or any other material fact relating to compliance becomes apparent as a result of the investigation, the Group Compliance and Risk Management Committee shall immediately report such fact to the Board of Directors and the Board of Corporate Auditors and promptly take corrective and preventive measures.

In addition, we prohibit any disadvantageous treatment of a whistleblower.