The TOKAI Group CSR Procurement Policy

TOKAI Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries (“the TOKAI Group,” hereafter) recognizes that to fulfill its social responsibilities including compliance with laws, societal norms and other requirements, respect for human rights, and consideration for preservation of the environment (commitments to carbon neutrality and nature positivity), it is important that such activities are not undertaken on an individual company basis, but pursued in partnership with business partners in the supply chain. For this reason, the TOKAI Group will work on CSR procurement based on the following policy to strengthen its partnership with business partners in the supply chain.

  • Fair and Equitable Transactions
  • The TOKAI Group will not place restrictions on existing or potential business partners, whether in Japan or overseas, without valid reasons, and will engage in procurement operations based on established procedures, while undertaking fair and equitable transactions providing equal opportunity.

  • Compliance with Laws and Societal Norms
  • When engaging in procurement activities, the TOKAI Group will comply with laws and societal norms (including the laws, codes of conduct and conventions of each country and region, commitments to sever all ties with antisocial forces, etc.) based on the JEITA* Responsible Business Conduct Guidelines and other frameworks. The TOKAI Group will also ask that its business partners comply with laws and societal norms.

    * JEITA(Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)

    A general incorporated association that formulates standards related to electronics and IT, conducts market research and publishes statistics. Many Japanese companies reference the Responsible Business Conduct Guidelines created by JEITA as a model code of conduct to embody CSR throughout the supply chain.

  • Respect for Human Rights
  • The TOKAI Group will comply with the TOKAI Group Basic Policy on Respect for Human Rights. The TOKAI Group will also ask its business partners to support and cooperate with the policy.

  • Consideration for Preservation of the Environment
  • The TOKAI Group will engage in procurement that gives ample consideration to the global environment in coordination with business partners, and particularly contribute to preservation of the global environment through initiatives aimed at decarbonization (carbon neutrality) as well as the maintenance and improvement of biodiversity (nature positivity).

  • Health & Safety, and Health and Productivity Management
  • The TOKAI Group will promote the purchasing and procurement from business partners that appropriately manage health and safety risks, make ongoing improvements to occupational health and safety, and work to ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment.

  • Strengthening of Partnerships with Business Partners
  • The TOKAI Group will strengthen partnerships based on wide-ranging mutual understanding including coordination with business partners, compliance with laws and societal norms and cooperation on preservation of the global environment, pursuing the formation of win-win relationships and mutual development. The TOKAI Group will also respect the lifestyles, traditions and practices of the countries and regional communities where it engages in procurement activities.

  • Conducting CSR Procurement Questionnaires
  • The TOKAI Group will work to improve the degree to which activities such as compliance with laws and societal norms, respect for human rights and consideration for environmental preservation are instilled among business partners by conducting, analyzing and providing feedback through annual CSR procurement questionnaires of business partners in the supply chain. We will identify risky suppliers and work with them to implement improvement measures as needed.

  • Policy on Selection of and Ongoing Trade with Business Partners
  • When beginning or continuing to do business, the TOKAI Group will make comprehensive determinations based on factors such as compliance with laws and societal norms, consideration for environmental preservation, appropriate protection of information, respect for the intellectual property of others, sound and stable company management, outstanding technical development abilities, ensuring appropriate prices and quality, and ensuring stable supply, and begin doing business or continue doing business with business partners on that basis.

  • Ensuring Appropriate Prices, Quality and Safety
  • To ensure the stable supply of the best products and services that can earn the deep trust of customers, the TOKAI Group endeavors to ensure appropriate prices, quality and safety.

  • Information Security
  • The TOKAI Group practices the thorough management of confidential information including the know-how of business partners and personal information learned in the course of doing business, to ensure that information is never divulged.

  • Prohibition of Inappropriate Personal Relationships
  • The TOKAI Group prohibits all its officers and employees from maintaining inappropriate personal relationships with business partners.

  • Suppliers Hotline
  • The TOKAI Group will establish a supplier hotline for fielding consultations and reports from business partners in the supply chain with the aim of preventing issues such as legal violations or human rights violations, and ensuring they are detected, corrected and remedied at an early stage.

Established: May 25, 2023
TOKAI Holdings Corporation
Representative Director, President and CEO
Katsuo Oguri